MIOT.CC: This is the abbreviation of the meeting, derived from the initials of Minimally Invasive Organ Transplant Consensus Conference, and at the same name the domain name of the conference website.

Chairs: Responsible for planning and scheduling all conference committee meetings including developing and overseeing all research activities to maximize efficient use of resources including people and time. They have chosen preliminary topics for discussion at the consensus conference. They may allocate members of the Scientific Committee, as well as other experts, to address each topic with the generation of a presentation as well as a manuscript at the conference. The Chairs of MIOT.CC may allocate Committee Members to participate in the different aspects of this project, such as systematic reviews, participating in the Expert Working Groups, as well deciding to add or remove Committee Members at any point up to 30 days prior to the Consensus Conference.

Working Group Panel Leaders: This is a diverse group of leaders in the field of liver organ transplantation. They will oversee the scientific part of the projects and give strategic direction, supporting the members of the expert working group and participate as experts in each one of the Expert Working Groups (see below). The Working Group Panel Leaders have the right to veto specific topics or recommend additional topics to be covered at the Consensus Conference.

Administration Committee: This is an additional group of hard working and efficient individuals that are assigned to either support some of the Expert Working Groups (see below) and / or help with the organizational part of the conference, including safeguarding and applying regulations, arranging regular committee meetings, taking minutes, recording decisions and tasks clearly, as well as providing online support to the remaining committee members.

Experts / Panel Group Members / Panel: This is a group of experts in the multidisciplinary field of organ transplantation, including among others, surgeons, anesthetists, gastroenterologists, hepatologists, nephrologists, pediatricians, and allied health professions. Their involvement includes a) acting as a Member of the Experts Working Group assigned to each question/topic, b) participating in the preparation of a manuscript in an evidence-based manner to be included in the presentation and published in a scientific journal, and c) actively participating in the Conference.

Junior Research Committee: This is comprised by young, energetic and motivated junior scientists and medical students. Selection is based on interviews by the Chairs. They will be, among others responsible for screening of records derived from systematic reviews.

Writing Committee: This will be a group of MIOT.CC members allocated by and including the Chairs and Co-Chair who will draft the main manuscript for the final recommendations, coauthored by all MIOT.CC members either in the form of named or group authorship (Pubmed indexed).

Topics / Questions / Program: This is the list of questions, topics and domains of MIOT.CC, derived from the Chairs to be addressed by the experts and recommended by the jury via the writing committee.

Jury: This is a group of scientists who are not experts in the field of Organ Transplantation including patient representatives, ethicists, epidemiologists, and other physicians. This “unbiased” group will report upon the recommendations of MIOT.CC derived from the expert statements and the audience interactions during the Consensus Conference.

Public / Audience / Participants: These will form the delegates of the meeting with the opportunity for open discussions of each topic as well as voting upon expert panel statements during the Consensus Conference.


The MIOT.CC Team