Instructions regarding the role of Panel Leaders and next steps required 

The role of Panel Leaders includes the following:

  • Complete the formation of your Expert Working Group Members, if required.
  • Assign tasks to your Expert Working Group Members to formulate your statements.
  • Coordinate and approve the scientific output of your panel.
  • Actively participate at the Consensus Conference by presenting your panel’s work.
  • Coordinate the preparation of a short manuscript related to your topic and the submission in a
  • specified journal.

As a Panel Leader  and to comply with the Danish Model of Consensus, below are the next necessary steps:

  1. Panel formation: As we have predefined members for your panel, you have the option to invite additional experts, allowing for up to 6 members in total to ensure a comprehensive representation across different disciplines (e.g., surgery, anesthesia, intensive care, hepatology, nephrology, etc., if applicable). This consideration for geographic and gender diversity will enrich the panel discussions. Attached materials may be offered when contacting potential members. Should you require assistance with the invitations or need to expand your panel, our administration team is available to assist. Please provide us with the list of names, specialties, and countries, including the email addresses of all your panel members, within the next 10 days.
  2. Literature review: For the purpose of this consensus, a scoping review (not a systematic review) of the literature addressing your topic will be sufficient. Please assign one or more members of your panel to conduct this review and please find attached guidelines for performing scoping reviews. Alternatively, our Junior Research Committee may conduct the review on behalf of your panel and provide you with the list of the relevant manuscripts related to your topic. Additionally, we have provided the Panel Leaders please all articles derived from a recent systematic review on minimally invasive organ transplantation. 
  3. Summary of the results: Arrange teleconference meetings (e.g. via Zoom) with your Expert Working Group Panel Members in order to organize the information derived from the selected studies into meaningful themes and to summarize the results. There is no requirement for a systematic review or meta-analysis, a qualitative summary is sufficient. We suggest you allocate this task to your panel members and present them in PowerPoint during your zoom meeting.
    4. Recommendations: Develop and grade your recommendations together with your panel members using a much-simplified form of the GRADE Approach. This involves using a two-level system: strong and weak recommendation. Please see the attachment for information on the simplified version of the GRADE approach for the purpose of this consensus conference.
    5. Presentation: Click here to download the presentation template to report your topic, the results, and recommendations. Please submit your presentation the latest by the 20th of October 2024. This will form your presentation at the MIOT Consensus Conference.
    6. Manuscript Preparation: Each panel is required to draft a short manuscript, which will then be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and submitted to a peer-reviewed journal (more information to follow). As a Panel Leader, your role includes coordinating the manuscript preparation by the panel members. Please find attached the manuscript template. The deadline for submission of the completed manuscript is the 17th of November 2024.

We will be organizing regular Webinars via Zoom to further present these instructions and clarify any potential areas of uncertainty.

Useful files to download